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This is the Home Spun Story Corner. My very first story was submitted by Lee Robbins. Lee is an avid hunter and fisherman.

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Date 06/16/2000
Hi to all!
    Had a good day yesterday, got out of the house. Bill and Josh and I went down to the pro bass store down by Pontiac. Josh bought some fly tying supplies, Bill was looking for a fly rod case and I was looking at everything. I bought a fly tying kit that was on sale for $40, which was my main objective. I asked the sales guy a question about fly reels and he got one out of the case to use for an example to answer me.

    After much talk about the superior quality, finish, materials and function, I had to have this trout suicide machine for another $30. Bill came along and I gave him the same sales pitch I got and he bought one too.

    Then he told the guy he wanted a good fly line, and wanted to know what did he suggest? Another smooth sales pitch ensued and we were both salivating when he finished. So there goes another $25. I was looking at fly tying tools and found a gadget called a hair stacker, so, back to the clerk I go with this marvel of invention!

    Hey, says I, is this thing worth having in my array of tying tools? Indeed it was, he informed me, and if I did not have one it would take approximately four days longer to tie a deer hair Cadis fly. With the stacker time could be cut to about ten minutes.

    Wow! Ring that baby up before you sell the whole stock of 'em before my very eyes! He taps the keys on the register, click ,click, click and I hand him $110. He looks down at the tape readout and his eyes bulge as he snatches the tape out of the register. He runs his finger down the columns of figures, This can't be right he yells and the manager appears like he was pulled in on a string. He looks at the tape and laughs, says to me that it had said, that I had given them $110,000 and my change was $8,000.

    Without blinking an eye, I said I'd take it in hundreds!! He just ignored me so, now we get back home and Josh starts to tie a light Cahill and says "this is the same as the Hedricksons use, only they have a gray body and dark wings, I think I'll do one next."

    He looks through his assortment of material and announces that he doesn't have any gray whatsoever. We both look over at Sandy's gray cat sleeping on the floor and then at each other, shrug our shoulders and head for the cat.

    I defy anyone to find where the hair was taken from, and fly looks great!

    Latter he was tying a fox squirrel nymph and found, much to his aggravation that the piece of squirrel hide had no belly hair, which is the tan color underneath. So I got the shears and started a room by room search for Chelsea, Sandy's Tortoise shell Angora Cat!!

    Well, that's all that has happened around here recently, I'll write again when I have something of more substance, so as not to bore you.

Your Brother, Cousin, Nephew or friend. Lee
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