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Hello, and welcome to the John Wambaugh Homepage! I live in Durham, North Carolina and an a physical scientist at the National Center for Computational Toxicology within the United States Environmental Protection Agency. My research efforts are split between two projects: The goal of the first is to develop a computer model of the liver that will allow us to anticipate liver toxicity based upon relatively inexpensive in vitro experiments -- we're calling it the virtual liver. The second project is an attempt to forceast potential human exposures to chemicals in the environment using minimal information: ExpoCast.

In my free time I am an animal care volunteer at Carolina Tiger Rescue and I serve as president of GargAlum -- the Gargoyle alumni organization. (Gargoyle is the University of Michigan humor magazine)

I attended the Michigan for my physics B.S.. I receved my M.S. in physics in 2001 from the Georgia Institute of Technology. and in 2006 I received my Ph.D. from the Department of Physics at Duke University I completed my dissertation in experimental physics in the Non-linear Dynamics Laboratory of Professor Bob Behringer. I also completed an M.S. in Computer Science on a computational project related to my dissertation. My research interests include several phenomena of networks and granular materials and I am interested in computational approaches to studying complex systems in general.

I also completed my postdoc at EPA, studying methods of characterizing the uncertainty and variability in biological models, particularly for pharmacokinetics. Working with Woodrow Setzer and Hugh Barton, we examined data-driven model comparison and computational approaches for both Bayesian and maximim likelihood parameter estimation.

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