Here is the corrected and completed list of all U-2 and SR-71 units, their bases, OLs and Dets. (Last update January 11, 1995)

Det X (USAF / CIA), Detachments):
Detachment, USAF / CIA deployment base for U-2 reconnaissance aircraft 
(later OL-n, then to OL-XX and Det n), where _X_ is a capital letter:

Det A - RAF Lakenheath, England, 1st WRSP, (WRSP-1), (Weather Reconnaissance 
        Squadron, Provisional), moved to:
      - Wiesbaden AB, Germany, moved to:
      - Giebelstadt AB, Germany
Det B - Incirlik AFB, Turkey, 2nd WRSP, (WRSP-2), later also known as: 
        Det 10-10, or TUSLOG (Turkey-US Logistics Group)
Det C - Atsugi AB, Japan, 3rd WRSP, (WRSP-3)
Det D - ?
Det E - ?
Det F - ?
Det _ - Groom (Dry) Lake Test Facility, 4th WRSP, (WRSP-4), also known as:
        'Watertown Strip', 'Aerea 51', 'The Area', 'The Ranch',
        'Paradise Ranch', 'Dreamland', with U-2, moved 6/1960 to:
Det G - Edwards AFB, North Base, California, USAF Flight Test Center, also
        known as 'Special Projects Branch', 
      - 1969 redesignated 1130th ATTG, and belonging to ARDC, together with 
        the 6512th TG (also at Edwards AFB)
Det G'- Takhli RTAFB, Thailand, (pronounced "G prime"),
        ground crew from Det G to suport aircraft and pilots drom Det H
Det H - Taoyuan AB, Taiwan, 35th Squadron, 'Black Cats', 6th Group, RoCAF

OL-n (USAF, Operating Locations):
Operating Location, SAC deployment base for U-2 and SR-71 reconnaissance
aircraft (later called Det n), where _n_ is a sequence number:

OL-1  - ?
OL-2  - ?
OL-3  - ?
OL-4  - ?
OL-5  - Eielson AFB, Alaska, U-2, (HASP-deployment 1958 - 3/1960)
OL-6  - ?
OL-7  - ?
OL-8  - Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan, U-2, SR-71, also known as:
        OL-RK, (OLRK), then OL-KA, (OLKA), later to Det 1
OL-9  - ?
OL-10 - ?
OL-11 - RAAF Laverton, East Sale, Australia, U-2, (HASP-deployment 11/1960 and
        10/1961), moved to:
      - RAAF Avalon, Australia, U-2, (the very last HASP-deployment 2/1965),
        and back to:
      - RAAF Laverton, Australia, U-2, (HiCAT-deployment 7/1966)
OL-12 - ?
OL-13 - ?
OL-14 - ?
OL-15 - ?
OL-16 - ?
OL-17 - ?
OL-18 - Howard AFB, Panama Canal Zone, U-2, (HASP-deployment), and
      - Albrook AFB, Panama Canal Zone, U-2, (HASP-deployment and
OL-19 - Barksdale AFB, Louisiana, U-2, (including HiCAT deployment), moved
        1969 to:
      - McCoy AFB, Florida, U-2
OL-20 - Bien Hoa AB, Vietnam, also known as: 'Lucky Dragon', 'Giant Dragon',
        and 'Trojan Horse', U-2, moved 7/1970 to:
      - U-Tapao RTAFB, Thailand, U-2, to OL-RU, (OLRU), 
        redesignated 99th SRS (November 1972)

OL-XX (USAF, Operating Locations):
Operating Location, SAC deployment base for U-2 and SR-71 reconnaissance
aircraft (before and later called Det n), where _XX_ is a two letter code:

OL-RK - Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan, U-2 and SR-71, also known as:
        OL-8, OL-KA, (OLKA), (OLRK), later to Det 1, (disestablished ?),
        (OL-8 became OL-RK on 10/30/1970, later changed to OL-KA), 
        (OL-RK stands for "Operating Location - Ryukyys", a chain of
        islands, of which Okinawa is a part of)

OL-KA - Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan, U-2 and SR-71, also known as:
        OL-8, OL-RK, (OLRK), (OLKA), later to Det 1, (disestablished ?),
        (OL-RK became OL-KA on 10/21/1971, to Det 1 in 08/1974),
        (OL-KA stands for "Operating Location - Kadena")

OL-RU - U-Tapao RTAFB, Thailand, U-2, previously known as:
        OL-20 (at Bien Hoa, Vietnam, moved to U-Tapao RTAFB in 07/1970),
        (redesignated 99th SRS, 11/1972, and moved back to Beale AFB, CA)
        (OL-RU stands probably for "Operating Location - RTAFB U-Tapao" ?)

OL-SB - Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina, SR-71, (used for operational 
        non-stop reconnaisance flights over Egypt, Israel, and Syria during 
        the Yom Kipur War 1973/74),
        (OL-SB might stand for "Operating Location - Seymour B..." ?)

OL-OH - RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus, U-2, also known as: (OLOH), later to Det 3, 
        (1992 redesignated 5th RS, 9th RW), missions were code named 
        'Olive Harvest', maybe nicknamed 'Fantasy Island' (source 11),
        redesignated Det. 1;
        (OL-OH probably stands for "Operating Location - 'Olive Harvest'")

OL-CH - Al Taif AB, Saudi Arabia, 1700th RW(P), 1704th RS(P), U-2, (during 
        Desert Shield/Desert Storm and follow-up), missions were code named 
        'Camel Hump', probably redesignated 4402nd RS;
        (OL-CH probably stands for "Operating Location - 'Camel Hump'")

OL-UK - RAF Alconbury, UK, U-2, previously designated 95th TRS, 17th RW,
        (inactivated 09/15/1993, while operations continue as OL-UK),
        moved 03/15/1995 to RAF Fairford;
        (OL-UK stands for "Operating Location - United Kingdom")

OL-FR - BA 125 Istres, Le Tube, France, (Base Aerienne 125 = Air Base # 125) 
        CNES Flight Test Center, 
        (OL-FR stands for "Operating Location - France")

Det n (USAF, Detachments):
Detachment, SAC/ACC deployment base for U-2 and SR-71 reconnaissance aircraft
(previously OL-n), where _n_ is (usually) a sequence number:

Det 1     - Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan, 1129th SAS, A-12, and 9th SRW, U-2, 
            SR-71, (ex OL-KA, (OLKA), ex OL-RK, (OLRK), ex OL-8)
          - RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus, (ex 5th RS, 9th RW, U-2, ex OL-OH, (OLOH)), 
            maybe nicknamed 'Fantasy Island'
Det 2     - Osan AB, South Korea, 9th SRW, redesignated 6th RS, 9th RW, 
            redesignated 5th RS, 9th RW, U-2
Det 3     - Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico, U-2, (HASP-deployment 1958,
            MIDAS-deployment and HiCAT-deployment), moved to:
          - RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus, 9th SRW, redesignated 5th RS, 9th RW, U-2,
            (ex OL-OH, (OLOH)), to Det 1, maybe nicknamed 'Fantasy Island'
Det 4     - Plattsburgh AFB, New York, U-2, (HASP-deployment), moved to:
          - Ezeiza AB, Argentina, U-2, (HASP-deployment 9/11/58 to 8/1959 and
            5/1960 to 6/1960), moved to:
          - RAF Mildenhall, UK, 99th SRS, 9th SRW, established 3/31/1979,
            U-2 and SR-71A, (the U-2s moved 1980 to RAF Alconbury, UK,
            becoming the 95th TRS, 17th RW, 1991 to OL-UK, which moved 
            03/15/1996 to RAF Fairford, UK)
            1980 - 1991 only SR-71
Det 5     - Patrick AFB, Florida, 9th SRW, U-2, (MIDAS-deployment and
Det 51    - Palmdale, California, Air Force Plant 42, Lockheed Plant 10,
            (ex Site II), 2762th Logistics Squadron, AFLC, U-2 and SR-71, 
            (before 12/31/1970, operations were part of AFSC),
            reorganisation 09/1977 to:
Det 6     - Palmdale, California, Air Force Plant 42, Lockheed Plant 10,
            (ex Site II), 2762th Logistics Squadron, AFLC, (ex Det 51), 
            U-2 and SR-71, (Headquaters at Norton AFB, California)
Det 10-10 - Incirlik AFB, Turkey, also known as TUSLOG (Turkey-US Logistics
            Group), ex Det B (or 2nd WRSP), U-2

Main Bases and SAC / TAC / ACC Wings:

- Turner AFB, Georgia,           4080th SRW(L), (established April, 1, 1956), 
  equipped with RB-57D, moved February-April 1957 to: 

- Laughlin AFB, Texas,           4080th SRW(L), equipped with U-2 and RB-57D,
                    redesignated 4080th SRW, (June 15, 1963),
  finished July 1963 move to:

- Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona,    4080th SRW, 
                     redesignated 100th SRW, (June 15, 1966),
                           became 100th AREFW at Beale AFB, with KC-135,
  and U-2 operations transferred to 9th SRW, (March/April 1976), at:

- Beale AFB, California,         4200th SRW, (established January 1, 1965),
  with SR-71 and T-38, redesignated 9th SRW, (established June 25, 1966),
  combining all operational SR-71 and U-2, (March/April 1976),
  all SR-71 retiered (January 26, 1990),
                       redesignated 9th Wing, (1990, when SAC became 
  a part of ACC), with U-2 and T-38;
                       redesignated 9th RW, (10/1992), with U-2 and T-38

- RAF Alconbury, UK,               17th RW, (established 1976), with U-2, 
  ex Det 4, inactivated (September 15, 1993), operations continued as OL-UK,
  moved 03/15/1995 to:

- RAF Fairford, UK, operations as OL-UK may have ceased and were possibly
  completely transfered to:

- Istres AB, France, as OL-FR

SAC / TAC / ACC Squadrons:

- 4080th SRW(L) / 4025th SRS(L) 'Black Knights', (activated June 8, 1955),
  at Lockbourne AFB, Ohio, no aircraft assigned/received, moved:
  to Turner AFB, Georgia, equipped with RB-57D, (May 1956), moved:
  to Laughlin AFB, Texas, (February/May 1957), 
  deactivated June 15, 1960, RB-57D retired,

  4080th SRW /    4025th RS, (reactivated July 1, 1965),
  at Davis-Monthan AFB, with AQM/BQM-34, (ex Operation 'Lightning Bug'),
   100th SRW /     350th SRS, (redesignated June 15, 1966),
  deactivated 1976, when all SAC RPV assets were transferred to TAC
- 4080th SRW /    4028th SRS, (activated May 1, 1956)
  at Laughlin AFB, Texas, equipped with U-2, (June 11, 1957)
                  4028th SRWS, (redesignated June 13, 1957), moved:
  to Davis-Monthan AFB, (July 1963),
   100th SRW /     349th SRS, (redesignated June 15, 1966),
  all U-2 operation transferred to 99th SRS, (1976),
   100th AREFW /   349th AREFS, (redesignated 1976), with KC-135
- 4080th SRW(L) / 4029th SRS(L), (paper unit, allocated April 1, 1956),
  deactivated 1960,
     9th SRW /    4029th SRTS, (reactivated August 1, 1981), with U-2R,
  SR-71, and T-38
     9th SRW /       5th SRTS 'The Dragon Tamers', (redesignated 1976),
  deactivated (?),

-    9th SRW /       1st SRS, (activated 1960), with SR-71,
     9th RW /        1st RS, (redesignated 1992), with U-2 and T-38

-    9th RW /        5th RS, (established 1992), with U-2, 
                             (at RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus, (ex Det 3) (?), 
                             (at Osan AB, South Korea, (ex Det 2) (?), 

-    9th RW /        6th RS, (established 1992), with U-2, 
                             (at Osan AB, South Korea, (ex Det 2), 
                             (disestablished ?)

-    9th SRW /      99th SRS, (established June 1966), with SR-71,
  deactivated (as SR-71 squadron) (April 1, 1971),
     9th SRW /      99th SRS, (re-established November 1972), with U-2,
                              (ex OL-RU at U-Tapao RTAFB, Thailand),
     9th RW /       99th RS, (redesignated 1992)

-   17th RW /       95th TRS, (established 1976), with U-2, 
                              (at RAF Alconbury, UK, from ex Det 4),
  inactivated (September 15, 1993), operations continue as OL-UK

Other Units:

- 1129th SAS,   Groom (Dry) Lake, Nevada, (Special Activities Squadron),
                (deployed only operational to Det 1, Kadena AB, Okinawa), 
                established 1961/62 (?), CIA operated, deactivated June 1968,
                with A-12

- 1130th ATTG,  Edwards AFB, North Base, California, USAF Flight Test Center, 
                (Air Technical Training Group), also known as 
                'Special Projects Branch', ex 4th WRSP, (WRSP-4), ex Det G, 
                established mid-1969, (belonged to ARDC), CIA operated,
                deactivated mid-1974, with U-2

- 2762th LS,    Palmdale, Airforce Plant 42, (Logistics Squadron), 
                (belongs to AFLC), U-2 and SR-71

- 1700th RW(P), Al Taif AB, Saudi Arabia, (Reconnaissance Wing (Provisional)),
                (also known as OL-CH), with:
- 1704th RS(P), Al Taif AB, Saudi Arabia, (Reconnaissance Squadron 
                (Provisional)), (also known as OL-CH), with U-2, 
                (probably) redesignated:
- 4402nd RS,    Al Taif AB, Saudi Arabia, (Reconnaissance Squadron), and 
                belonging/assigned to 9th RW

- 4200th TW,    Beale AFB, California, (Test Wing), with B-52H and D-21B,
- 4200th TS,    Beale AFB, California, (Test Squadron), with B-52H and D-21B,
- 4200th A/SS,  Beale AFB, California, (Air/Support Squadron), 
                (maybe with B-52H and D-21B, maybe redesignated to 4200th TS)

- 4786th TS,    Edwards AFB, North Base, California, (Test Squadron),
                designated January 16, 1970, (ex SR-71/YF-12 Test Force,
                established June 1965), with YF-12 (and SR-71 ?)

- 6512th TG,    Edwards AFB, North Base, California, (Test Group), 
                (belongs to ARDC), with U-2

Other Operating Locations may include the following bases and air fields
around the world:

OL-x  - Anderson AFB, Guam, U-2, (HASP-deployment)
OL-x  - Bodo AB, Norway, U-2 and SR-71
OL-x  - Charbatia, India, U-2
OL-x  - Diego Garcia AB, Chagos Archipelago, U-2 and SR-71 (once)
OL-x  - Elmendorf AFB, Alaska, U-2, (HiCAT-deployment)
OL-x  - Fiji Islands, U-2, (HASP-deployment and HiCAT-deployment)
OL-x  - Griffiss AFB, New York, SR-71
OL-x  - Hanscom AFB, Alaska, U-2, (HiCAT-deployment)
OL-x  - Hickam AFB, Hawai, U-2, (HASP-deployment and HiCAT-deployment)
OL-x  - Kunsan AB, South Korea, U-2, (1960s)
OL-x  - Lahore, Pakistan, U-2
OL-x  - Loring AFB, Maine, U-2, (HiCAT-deployment)
OL-x  - Meshad, Iran, U-2
OL-x  - Minot AFB, North Dakota, U-2, (HASP-deployment 9/1959)
OL-x  - NAS Cubi Point, Philippines, U-2
OL-x  - Offut AFB, Nebraska, U-2
OL-x  - Peshawar, Pakistan, U-2
OL-x  - RAE Bedford, UK, U-2, (HiCAT-deployment 3/1967)
OL-x  - RAF Watton, UK, U-2, (RAF testing )
OL-x  - RAF Wethersfield, UK, U-2, (ALSS-deployment Summer 1975)
OL-x  - RNZAF Christchurch, New Zealand, U-2, (HiCAT-deployment 6/1966)
OL-x  - San Angelo, Texas, U-2, (HASP-deployment)
OL-x  - Sioux City, Iowa, U-2, (HASP-deployment)
OL-x  - Warner-Robins AFB, Georgia, U-2 and SR-71, (SYPO - Senior Year
        Programs Office)
OL-x  - Zahedan airstrip, Iran, U-2

Civil Airports:
- Burbank Airport, California, Lockheed Corporation, U-2 and SR-71
- Van Nuys Airport, California, Lockheed Corporation, U-2

Aircraft Carrier:
CVA-61 - USS Ranger     - used for tests March 2/5, 1964, (U-2G 'N801X'
                          and 'N808X'), with 'O.N.R.' titles,
                          and operationally in May 1964 for 'Operation 
                          Seeker') and maybe again in 1965/66
CVA-63 - USS Kitty Hawk - used for initial U-2A carrier tests in August of
                          1963, (U-2A 'N315X')
CVA-66 - USS America    - used for U-2R carrier qualification in November of
                          1969, (U-2R 'N812X')

There are more locations, especially deployments of NASA aircraft, which 
I have missed, please feel free to correct me and add your own $0.02 :)

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and many other.

(c) 1995 by Andreas Gehrs-Pahl