as of May 24, 1996
Here is a list of the Mid-Michigan Airshow schedule. The YAF will attend all shows at Willow Run and all the shows marked by one of the three official airshow aircraft: the B-17, the B-25 and the C-47.

YAF aircraft       Dates      Name of Airshow                 Airport/City, ST
B-17!              May 25     Trenton Parade Flyby, 10:00     Trenton, MI
B-17! B-25!        May 26     500 Auto Race Flyby, 12:52      Brooklyn, MI
B-17! B-25!        May 26     St. Clair Shores Flyby, 1:40    St Clair Shors, MI
B-17!              May 26     Arborcrest Cemetery Flyby, 2:15 Ann Arbor, MI
B-17! B-25! C-47!  May 27     YAF Memorial Day Open House     Willow Run, MI
B-17!              May 27     Saline Parade Flyby, 10:00      Saline, MI
B-17!              May 31-02  W.W.II Commemorative Weekend    Reading, PA
                   Jun 01-02  Elkhart Airshow                 Elkhart, IN
                   Jun 01-02  London Int'l Airshow       <TB> London, ON
                   Jun 01-02  Scott AFB Airshow               Scott AFB, IL
      B-25!        Jun 03-05  Cleveland-Hopkins private Dsp.  Cleveland, OH
B-17!              Jun 07-09  Historical Aircraft Squad Dsp.  Lancaster, OH
                   Jun 07-09  High on America Airshow         Kalamazoo, MI
                   Jun 08-09  Grissom AFB Open House          Peru, IN
B-17!              Jun 14-17  Fairmont Army Air Base Airshow  Fairmont, NE
                   Jun 15-16  Kankakee Air Festival           Kankakee, IL
                   Jun 15-16  Toledo Suburban Airport FlyIn   Lambertville, MI
                   Jun 15-16  Hamilton Int'l Airshow     <SB> Hamilton, ON
            C-47!  Jun 16     Dawn Patrol / Static Display    Charlotte, MI
B-17?              Jun 21-23? Monroe Static Display           Monroe, MI
      B-25!        Jun 21-23  Sidney Air Fair                 Sidney, OH
                   Jun 21-23  Quad City Airshow          <BA> Davenport, IA
            C-47!  Jun 23     Auto Centennial Parade Flyby    Detroit, MI
B-17!       C-47!  Jun 28-30  Historic Aircraft Grp. Airshow  Geneseo, NY
      B-25!        Jun 29     Sturgis Static Display          Sturgis, MI
                   Jun 29-30  Static Display-Clev. Hopkins    Cleveland, OH
                   Jun 29-06  Battle Creek Balloon Festival   Battle Creek, MI
      B-25!        Jun 30     Saginaw Div. Static Display     Saginaw, MI
                   Jly 06-07  Cherry Festival Airshow    <BA> Traverse City, MI
                   Jly 06-07  Brampton Airshow                Brampton, ON
                   Jly 12-14  Festival of Wings Airshow       DeKalb, IL
B-17!              Jly 13-14  Gladwin Static Display          Gladwin, MI
B-17!              Jly 19-21  Muskegon Airshow                Muskegon, MI
                   Jly 20-21  Dayton Airshow             <BA> Dayton, OH
                   Jly 21     EAA Chapter 55 FlyIn/Airshow    Mason, MI
B-17!              Jly 26-28  CAF S. MN Wing Static Display   St. Paul, MN
                   Jly 27-28  Springfield Air Rendezvous <BA> Springfield, IL
                   Jly 28     Wurtsmith Div. Static Display   Oscoda, MI
                   Aug 01-07  EAA Convention                  Oshkosh, WI
                   Aug 03-04  Selfridge ANGB Open House  <BA> Mt. Clemens, MI
B-17! B-25! C-47!  Aug 10-11  Goshen Airshow                  Goshen, IN
                   Aug 10-11  Lorain Airshow                  Lorain, OH
                   Aug 11     Mid Michigan Div. Static Dsp.   Lapeer, MI
B-17! B-25!        Aug 16-18  National Warplane Mus. Airshow  Batavia, NY
            C-47!  Aug 18     Pontiac Airport Open House      Pontiac, MI
            C-47?  Aug 23-25  Sussex Airshow                  Sussex, NJ
B-17? B-25?        Aug 23-25  Wings of Freedom Airshow        Frederick, MD
                   Aug 31-01  Muirkirk Airshow                Muirkirk, ON
                   Aug 31-01  Aviation Heritage Airshow       Louisville, KY
                   Aug 31-02  Cleveland Nat'l Airshow    <BA> Cleveland, OH
B-17?              Sep 14-15  Autumn Warbirds Airshow         Poughkeepsie, NY
B-17! B-25! C-47!  Sep 22     YAF Founder's Day Open House    Willow Run, MI

!    ==> Participation of aircraft is sure (static, in flight and/or flyby)
?    ==> Participation of aircraft is possible, but not sure

<BA> ==> Blue Angles participation
<SB> ==> Snow Birds participation
<TB> ==> Thunderbirds participation

(c) 1996 by Andreas Gehrs-Pahl