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To get started, just click on the file name to download. To download, use the 'Save File' or 'Save to Disk" option to start the download process. After downloading, or saving the file to your computer double click the file. The files ending in .EXE will self install, and create an entry in your Programs list. The older files ending in .ZIP will need to extracted to a temporary folder before you can double click on the setup file.

Note: I am in the process of updating the older ZIP files to 32 bit self installing files!

If you are running Windows 95/98 the programs that end with '.ZIP' will need Winzip, PKUnzip or a similiar program to extract them. Windows XP has a build in ZIP file extractor.
Winzip or PKUnzip and similiar programs are shareware or free for trial, and can be found at most Shareware sites on the Web. Google is a good place to start looking. In the search box in Google, type in 'WinZip', or 'ZIP' Link to

ONETOUCH.EXE >>> 1,834,008 <<< NEW!! ( 04/15/04 )
If you are like me you get tired of waiting for Windows 98 Scan Disk to finish so that you can start a defrag on your hard drive! Scan Disk does not even give you an audible signal that it is done, so you sit and wait and watch while you could be doing something else, like taking a break! I have a solution that just may work for you. It is called One Touch Scan and Defrag. Fire off One Touch and it will scan all drives then start a defrag on all of your drives while telling you in a computer voice of it's progress!
Providing there are no errors on your drives, One Touch will start and then finish with no human intervention required. One Touch uses the built in Windows 98 Scan Disk and Defrag so it is safe. One Touch uses little known Scan Disk and Defrag switches to speed the whole process up, so it takes very little time and effort to run. Run the OneTouchConfig.exe in the installed folder for more options!

WHATISIT.EXE >>> 1,540,096 <<< Updated ( 03/25/04 ) Reads 8, 16 and now, 32 bit files!!
Whatisit reads Windows Executable and System files and reports on them. Whatisit.exe will tell you what all those .DLL files are for and what they do. Whatisit.exe will also report on a great many Windows files that have seemed to have no value, except of course that if you deleted them, one or more Windows programs or functions would stop working! So now you can check and see for yourself what files are left over from Windows programs long since deleted.
Whatisit.exe is just plain fun to use. It reports on DRV ( Driver files ) and tells you a little bit about what is going on inside Windows. It reports on FOT and FON files ( Windows Font files ). How about those hundreds of other Windows files in the Windows System directory? ( VBX's, G3R's EXE's ) Whatisit.exe will report on them as well.
Also new in version 4.02, you can now associate WHATISIT.EXE with any DLL FOT Etc... in Explorer and get just the info you need, quick easy. Double click on a file for fast info, drag and drop a file too! No need to load the whole program! This is the FULL Version! Unzip WHATISIT.ZIP then run WhatisitSetup to install the program. Easy to install, easy to use and fun too!

Posted (03/08/03) Version 3.02
The program will not Expire! (Some options expire in 30 days.) New is a Do, or skip, mixed case on selection. 2lower lowers ALL characters in HTML files too! Does files and Sub folders recursively!
2LOWER.EXE >>> 2,337,280 <<< 2Lower.exe is a 32 bit 95,98, NT, 2000, XP compatible program that will change Upper case, and Mixed case file names to all lower case file names. New to version 3.2 ( You may select to NOT change mixed case file names and leave them as is. )
It lowers the case on sub files recursively and lowers case on folders too! Most Web based server sites and browsers prefer a lower case file naming scheme. The purpose of this program is to rename all the files, or select files or all files in sub folders below in a directory to all lower case file name format. Build in utility to change ALL text to lower case while maintaining the correct formatting! ( Good for HTML files. )

Posted (9/17/03) Improved sounds, graphics and options!
STORMY NIGHT.EXE >>> 3,456,000 <<<
Stormy Night is a night time thunder storm simulation. If you like a good thunder storm as much as I do, then you will really love this program! New version of Stormy Night includes a higher quality of sound and graphics display, a wake up alarm, and adjustable storm time! This is as close to the real thing as you can get, without getting wet! Sit back and watch the storm!
Fall asleep to the sound of rain and have the program wake you up with the sounds of morning in the country. The sounds of morning alarm will work with out starting the storm, or run the storm for 5 minutes and it will sit idle waiting to wake you up with 6 different types birds chirping, including of course a Rooster!

TrayCDdoor.exe >>> 1,481,216 <<<
TrayCDdoor is a program that will open and shut your CD ROM drive door with just a click of your mouse. If your computer is under the desk like mine is, the CD eject button is hard to reach. And with my CD Rom door open it is even harder to reach! Now you all you have to do is click a button to open and shut the CD door. TrayCDdoor runs as an icon in the Systems Tray and it only takes up less than 1 percent resources! TrayCDdoor can be configured to run on start up or run it as you need it.
Credit goes to John Cunningham who wrote the original code in VB. On the About menu, there is a link to his site Please take the time to visit John's site and thank him. Without guys like John Cunningham out there, there would not be anything for free on the internet! So take a second out of your day to say thanks to him and we can keep cool free stuff like this on the Net! Thank you.

LilFooler.exe >>> 881,152 <<<
LilFooler plays tricks with the users desktop! It rotates the desktop, reverses it, sets it up side down and more! Put this file anywhere on the hard drive of a friend, family member or co-workers computer, then create a link to it in the startup folder and sit back and watch the fun as they start their computers! F12 gets you out, but don't tell them until you are done laughing! A little harmless fun to start the day!

Cryptic_Mystik.exe >>> 1,720,832 <<<
Cryptic Mystik will entertain you with her crazy mind reading tricks. Try clicking different things to try and fool her! She is smart and knows your future ( ok maybe she just guess's. ) At the end of the program She, The Great Cryptik Mystik, will try to read the questions on your mind and give you some answers. They might not be the answers you are seeking, but she will have something to say. The pretty lady in the program is named Karen and she really is a mind reader, but this program is just for fun!

Osamashoot.exe >>> 1,971,712 <<<
Shoot Osama is a game where you throw grenades at Osama bin Laden. You can't miss, so enjoy!

PSYTEST.EXE >>> 1,624,064 <<<
Here's an interesting psychology-type test... Give it a try.....Take this test for yourself... This is a real test given by the Human Relations Dept. at many of the major corporations today. It helps them get a better insight concerning their employees and potential employees. It's only 10 simple questions.

PUNCH-NT.EXE >>> 1,645,968 <<<
PunchNT is a 32 bit time keeping Windows 98 or NT program. Click the time card with your name on it to punch the clock in or out. Can keep track of time for up to 10 employees.
LOGIC1.EXE >>> 1,812,992 <<<
Logic Puzzles: Here are a few brain teasers and puzzles for your enjoyment.

SWEETN.EXE >>> 1,638,400 <<<
Whisper Sweet Nothings Generator will generate a sweet nothing saying that you can put on a greeting card, or send to your lover. You can also copy the saying to the Windows clip board, where you can paste it into any Windows Program, like chat or e-mail. If you get tired of the same old Sweet Nothings phrases, you can also Scramble the current saying randomly get a completely new and different meaning! Sometimes it makes some sense and other times it does not! Sometimes is just plain wacky! Good luck and enjoy!
4-KAREN.ZIP >>> 168,816 <<<
** NEW 32 Bit Midi 8 different tracks with panning and stereo **
This program was written for my Special Friend Karen. Over the last 4-5 years I have written many songs. Some were OK and some NOT. I collected 9 of the best songs that I thought my friend Karen would enjoy. I wanted to share them with you too! I hope you enjoy them.

*** I now have a full Audio CD with 14 of my latest songs on them ***
*** It will work on any home CD player, car CD player or computer DVD or CD player ***
For a no frills Audio CD, that has a hand marked CD label, paper envelop, and sent regular US mail, visit Paypal and credit the account for $5.00 and one CD will be on it's way to your place! PayPal

Remember those 9 above, plus 5 new ones, all on a regular recorded CD! A GREAT DEAL!!
Now available in MP3 format. When ordering, please specify which format you prefer.

EGGHUNT.ZIP >>> 381,124 <<<
This is an Easter Egg hunt game. There is a little story with this program. I wrote it mostly for very young children, but is still fun for adults look at too! This program requires VBRUN300.DLL

CANDY.ZIP >>> 178,178 <<<
Here is a fun quiz. It is called the Candy Quiz. The Candy Quiz will tell you what type of personality you have, based on the type of candy you like.

LUVSCAL.ZIP >>> 118,145 <<<
Here is a quiz that is called the Love Scale Quiz The Love Scale Quiz will test you and tell you what type of love you have.

ATM.ZIP >>> 75,429 <<<
You must have friends, family, etc.. that know little or nothing about computers.. Show them the NEW online banking program that allows CASH withdraws! NO not really... But if you have a CD ROM drive with eject, pre-load the CD caddy with cash and then show them this program. Great for a few laughs!
Requires VBRUN300.DLL

DATABOOK.ZIP >>> 40,597 <<<
DataBook is a small Address book that can save up to 5 different entrees. You can load your entrees up and edit them and then copy it to the Windows Clip Board to be used in all Windows applications that can access the Clip Board. If you have names, or addresses that you use a lot, save them here and then recall them to send to applications like Netscape, WinWord and most chat applications! Requires VBRUN300.DLL

WINDUCK.ZIP >>> 13,453 <<<
Remember that way cool animated duck hitting the computer in frustration? It was sometimes called HIT.EXE and it was a 8 bit DOS program. It may or may not have run under Windows 95, but now it is a 16 bit Windows program that will work great under any version of Windows from Win 3.0 to Win 95! ( thanx goes to the unknown author of the original DOS program! )
Requires VBRUN300.DLL

DOGBARK.ZIP >>> 54,157 <<<
DogBark Alarm can turn your computer into an alarm. If your computer has a mouse and a sound card, that is all you need to make your computer into a vibration detecting alarm! DogBark Alarm has a sensitivity slide bar to adjust your mouse's reaction to vibration. Set it when you leave your office or home and it will sound a dog barking through your speakers if your mouse detects even the slightest vibration! For just One US dollar, I will send you the registered version that keep count of how many times the alarm went off, the time and date. PLUS it will also dial a user selected phone number with a notification, if you have a modem attached! A great deal for just a buck!
Requires VBRUN300.DLL
GFSTART.ZIP >>> 43,962 <<<
GFStart is a Windows timed execution program. You can start any program at any time and date that you want. You can also send your program keystrokes and save these keystrokes for the next time you start your program. It will even start a DOS program. You can use GFStart to load your backup program, log on to the net or BBS and get your mail or other files while you sleep. It can start ANY program and run it ANY time that you want it to! To my knowledge, there is NO share/freeware program like this on the market!
Needs VBRUN300.DLL

AI-BATCH.ZIP >>> 9,377 <<<
AI-Batch is a collection of DOS batch file techniques that will emulate artificial intelligence. Get inputs from users, store variables in memory, and more.
Plays a half way good game of Tic-Tac-Toe as well!

NERDCARD.ZIP >>> 102,239 <<<
Do you know any young single men ( boys? ) that spend most of their time on the computer? Send them this Windows greeting card. It is small, fast and stupid! A Perfect gift for that hard to please nerd!
Needs VBRUN300.DLL

RESTART.ZIP >>> 3,896 <<< will restart ANY version of Windows ( including Win95 ) This is a faster way to exit and restart Windows than shutting down and re-loading! Make an icon on your desk top for a quick refresh for Windows. Code for this program is included.
Needs VBRUN300.DLL

REDNTEST.ZIP >>> 23,183 <<< REDNTEST is a one of those funny tests that you see going around. It doesn't do a thing, but make you laugh! It is a very small download and and takes up hardly any space! It's small, fast and will make you laugh! Needs VBRUN300.DLL

S-NOTES.ZIP >>> 41,960 <<<
S-notes is a Sticky note program. You can make notes and print them. S-notes or Sticky notes will leave a yellow note stuck to your Windows desk top, just like the 3M sticky notes you find on peoples desks. You can now print these notes for future reference. S-notes will always float to the top of your Windows desk top for note taking. Hide it if you want to forget it for a while or need more room. Print your notes for future reference.
Needs VBRUN300.DLL
PEGGAME.ZIP >>> 314,034 <<<
A Windows program some-what like the games you see in the truck stops where you jump your pegs and try to leave as few as possible. Win95 Compliant!

GFALARM.ZIP >>> 300,842 <<<
GFalarm is a Windows program. Run Setup and then DBLclick on the GFalarm icon. Set the time you want the alarm to go off and then type in a short reminder to yourself. When the alarm goes off, your reminder will pop up over any application that you are in to let you know. Start as many GFalarms as you need, and hide them and forget them, when you click ok on your reminder, that instance of GFalarm will unload from memory only leaving the other GFalarms, if any.

JIGPIG.ZIP >>> 954,758 <<<
Jig Saw Pig is a Windows Jig Saw program that displays a Porky Pig type picture. It can even import your own .BMP files. If you do not have a sound card, this program has a PC-speaker driver included to add cool sounds to all your Windows programs! ( Read the SPEAKER.DOC ) on how to install this great new shareware driver! Win95 Compliant!

GATES.ZIP >>> 308,383 <<<
Like poking fun at Bill Gates? This game will let you shoot eggs out of a cannon at him! Watch his face as you splatter him with egg!

VBRUN300.ZIP >>> 229,920 <<< You may need it for some of these programs.....

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