Name: Gary Fletcher
Birthplace: Flint, Michigan
Home: Flint, Michigan
Birthday: July 10th, 1953

         I was raised in Flint and went to Kearsley High school.  I then attended a local college in Flint then known as Flint Community JR. College. Now it is called Mott College. I took Social Psychology and business.

       I then went to work repairing vending machines in 1973. I worked in the vending field for close to 25 years. During that time I attended college ( 1981-84 ) to get more schooling in Refrigeration and Electronics ( for the vending machine business. )  Also during that time I was involved with the Big Brothers of America and also coached the Chess team at Bendle High School.

      In 1995 I finished a certification program from The University of Michigan in Computer Science and transferred my credits to Baker where I graduated with a degree in Applied Science in Computer Network Administration. I am now working in the computer field at New Paths.Inc here in Flint.

     My hobbies include, computers,  writing Windows programs and utilities,  playing the Keyboard... and an occasional game of Chess.

  ......I am single and live with my Cat named Boo-Boo.